Bishop Baraga Association Staff

Lenora McKeen: Executive Director

Lenora (Len) McKeen is the Executive Director of the Bishop Baraga Association. Len joined the team in 2012 as the Associate Director. She continued working with Rev. Benedetto Paris until 2016, at which time she was named as the Executive Director. Len’s greatest desire is to “follow in the footsteps” of Bishop Baraga by serving as a witness to others.

Carley Challender: Marketing Coordinator

Originally from Grand Rapids, MI, Carley grew up learning about Bishop Baraga, Carley was elated to work alongside the Bishop Baraga Association. As the marketing coordinator, she enjoys working to convey the missions of the BBA and connecting with the community


Annie Gillum: Caretaker

Annie started working with the Bishop Baraga Association in November of 2018 and works as its caretaker. Annie is a Marquette resident and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and son. Outside of work, her hobbies are shopping and sewing.