Monetary donations are always accepted graciously! When donations are made to the BBA organization, the donor can specify where they would like their contribution to be made. Contributions can be designated as a General Donation, to the Baraga Educational Center, or to Beatification and Canonization Expenses.

General Donations:  

Contributions designated to the general fund will be used to cover operating expenses including educational programs, promotional material, etc. These funds may also be used for all expenses associated with the canonization process.

Baraga Educational Center: 

Contributions designated to the Baraga Educational Center will be used to maintain the Center, to develop new exhibits, and for the preservation and digitization of the Baraga Archives and artifacts. Funds donated can only be used for these purposes.

Beatification and Canonization Expenses: 

Contributions made to this fund will be used solely for the expenses associated with the Beatification and Canonization process, including any Rome expenses affiliated with the process. Monies in this fund CANNOT be used for any other purpose. Any money remaining in this fund once the canonization of Bishop Baraga is complete will be turned over to Rome to support other causes for canonization.

Donations are accepted through mail, in person at the Baraga Educational Center, or through online giving. Click here to give now.