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Silent Auction

The Bishop Baraga Association is holding a silent auction for the sustainability of the Baraga Educational Center and Museum (BECM). Bidding began during Baraga Days and is going on now for Bald Eagle carving by Jenna Barosko. Auction items were/are:

  1. a chainsaw carving Bald Eagle by Jenna Barosko (requires reserve to be met) – current bid is $250, reserve not yet met
  2. bidding closed: a 9×12 framed pencil drawing The Life and Legacy of Bishop Baraga and the Baraga House by Sandy Jurkovich (minimum bid $25)
  3. bidding closed: a 14×16 framed photo of Lake Superior by Carole Pence (minimum bid $75)
  4. bidding closed: an 18×24 framed pencil drawing of Bishop Baraga and his life by LoreAnn Parent (minimum bid $75).

Bidding on the carving will continue until the reserve is met. Bids can be placed in person at the BECM, by Facebook, or by calling 906-227-9117.

Silent Auction Details

Are you starting to think about end of the year gift giving? Consider making a donation to the Bishop Baraga Association. Your donation to the Bishop Baraga Association directly supports the effort to promote Bishop Baraga’s cause for canonization. You can make a donation to the Bishop Baraga Association at 906-227-9117, or by sending a check to the Bishop Baraga Association at 615 South Fourth Street, Marquette, Michigan 49855. We pray for and work toward the beatification and canonization of this saintly man!

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The Baraga Educational Center (BEC) & Museum is open for tours Monday through Friday, 12:00 noon till 5:00 p.m., or at other times by appointment. Visit the BEC & Museum, browse the gift shop, and spend time in the Prayer Garden and Votive House.

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