Writings from Dushna pasha - Pasture of the soul

Written by bishop baraga

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament speaks to the soul:
Dear soul! Return from the path of evil and you will know
my love. Return from the path of conceited and worldly pleasures,
be humble, and with patience take your cross upon your shoulders.
Walk beside me along the way of the cross with devotion, fasting,
vigilance and faithful fulfillment of all your obligations. Do this to
worthily partake of my Holy Redeemed Body and be deserving of
my love. Renounce your pride, abandon vanity, conquer anger,
right your wrongs; otherwise I cannot show you any grace through
the Blessed Sacrament. Put an end to your ungratefulness and
indifference; love and embrace my cross. Willingly tolerate your
neighbor’s weaknesses, visit me and pray to me with great humility
and love through the Blessed Sacrament. Always be well prepared
to worthily receive me, so that you remain in me and I in you.

The soul replies to Jesus:
O my Jesus! Your love is infinite! How long you have
already been patient with me! Oh, so little do I know your love!
Whenever you have called me from the terrible path of my
wickedness, my heart did not understand you. And the time you
gave me through your endless mercy to better myself and repent, I
for the most part squandered it through laziness and indifference. –
O my Jesus! How much you have done for me, and how little I do
for you, and how little I imitate your holy example! With patience
you took the heavy cross upon your shoulder and willingly carried
it. Everything you have sent me to suffer, I suffer grudgingly and
even complain about your divine providence. – O Jesus in the
Most Blessed Sacrament, O patient Lamb of God! For you give me
the most beautiful example of patience, give me also grace to truly
imitate you in this most necessary virtue. Hear me, O Jesus, my
beloved bridegroom!
Glory, praise and love to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
now and forever. Amen.
Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory be…