Writings from Dushna pasha - Pasture of the soul

Written by bishop baraga

The angels speak to the soul:
Oh! Dear soul! Sorrowful and weeping you come to the
tomb to see where they laid your beloved bridegroom Jesus. – Your
sorrow at Jesus’s grave is great. But have trust and rejoice, dear
soul! Look, the tomb is empty; it could not hold him. He gloriously
rose from his grave, lives again, and now remains with you always
in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

The soul replies to the angels:
O infinite love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament! – O
divine angels, the chosen heavenly spirits! You find yourselves here
near the Holy Redeemed Body, near your heavenly King, who sits
here upon the throne of his mercy, kind, compassionate and
prepared to bestow grace on us. O you content heavenly angels
who are always with dear Jesus, tell him how tremendously I desire
to love him with as much love as I see he loves me. Oh! My soul It’s
still so weak and indifferent that I cannot yet love him very
fervently. – Therefore pray, O heavenly angels, pray to dear Jesus
for me, that he may bestow upon me his holy grace and love, and
all the virtues he desires to find in me whenever I come to his holy
table. May he especially grant me a penitent, humble and pure
heart, in which he shall happily dwell. O through your entreaties
obtain for me this grace and happiness, so that all people would
begin to love him almost so much as to never again go against his
most holy will. Glory, praise and love to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
now and forever. Amen.
Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory Be…