Writings from Dushna pasha - Pasture of the soul

Written by bishop baraga

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament speaks to the soul:
My garden is the heart of my bride, where beautiful flowers
must grow – especially the lovely lily of holy purity, which in my
eyes is the most beautiful flower, and the veiled violet of heartfelt
humility, which has a pleasant heavenly scent. – My bride must be
like a lily among thorns, alone in the middle of the wicked world. –
My dear soul! Always offer me your heart’s holy purity, which is so
sweet to me. Oh! My enemies give me only bitter gall to drink
because their hearts are full of impure worldly thoughts and
desires, which to me are more bitter than gall and wormwood.
Beloved soul! Beloved humility, modesty and solitude, protect
yourself from curious glances and the temptations of worldly
company. Then I will dwell in your heart and be your joy in the
Blessed Sacrament, and your reward in holy heavenly company.

The soul replies to Jesus:
O my Jesus! How poorly maintained and cultivated is the
garden you summoned me to cultivate in my heart. – Oh how
many disgusting, wicked weeds and how few beautiful, precious
flowers! – Oh! What is that lovely lily like now, the one you planted
in my heart in holy Baptism and so enjoy seeing unblemished? –
Oh! It is uprooted in so many places. And the fragrant violet of
humble modesty, whose scent so pleases you, is discarded over
there. Oh! How withered and abandoned is everything throughout
your garden! O my merciful Jesus! May streams of repentant tears
flow from my eyes to rinse and cleanse my disgusting heart! May
streams of your holy grace flow from your loving heart and make
my indifferent and withered heart fertile, so all the beautiful flowers
will once again thrive according to your desires, and so you will
find a pleasant and fragrant garden when you visit me in the Most
Blessed Sacrament.

Glory, praise and love to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
now and forever. Amen.
Our Father…Hail Mary…Glory be…