Baraga Days 2021

Marquette, Michigan – September 25-26, 2021

Join us here for a recap of Baraga Days 2021, held in Marquette, Michigan on September 25 & 26, 2021. Videos of selected events coming soon! Please remember, if you benefited from the content of Baraga Days 2021, your  donation to the Bishop Baraga Association directly supports the effort to promote Bishop Baraga’s cause for canonization. You can make a donation to the Bishop Baraga Association at 906-227-9117, or by sending a check to the Bishop Baraga Association at 615 South Fourth Street, Marquette, Michigan 49855. We pray for and work toward the beatification and canonization of this saintly man!

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Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Brunch by Special Invite

  • Bishop John Doerfler and Michael O’Neill – guests of honor

Rosary in the Baraga Education Center & Museum Prayer Gardens

Stories and Songs of the Ojibwe

  • Danny Gardeau and the Teal Lake Drum Circle

Music at the Baraga Educational Center & Museum Prayer Gardens

Take a Journey with Bishop Baraga – Re-enactments from His Life
Note: Video was recorded through Facebook so quality is poor at times.

  • A re-enactment by Sandy Jurkovich

Canonization Process and Bishop Baraga’s Journey

  • Lenora McKeen

Annual BBA Meeting/Update on the Cause for Canonization of Bishop Baraga

  • Bishop John Doerfler & Lenora McKeen

Behind the Scenes with Michael O’Neill

  • Premiere of the 2nd EWTN Documentary: Walking with Baraga: The Joe Gregorich Story


Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Chapel Chat and Coffee

  • Guests include Bishop John Doerfler and a pre-recorded chat with Archbishop Sample and others

English Mass

  • Most Reverend John F. Doerfler, Principal Celebrant