Youth Bulletin
Volume 2 Issue 2

A look Back at our History

Bishop Baraga has been an inspiration to many people, even after his death in 1868. So much so, that people come together to celebrate Baraga’s life and learn about his teachings. They gather in stadiums, public parks, churches, or open fields to hear about his missions and work as well as pray to this saintly man. 

90 years ago, the Bishop Baraga Association was formed to educate others about Bishop Baraga and work on his Cause for Canonization. After outgrowing its office, the BBA moved to the oldest house in Marquette, M. It was in fact that house that Bishop Baraga himself once lived in! 

Once the Association moved to the Baraga House, the staff began preserving the house and some of Bishop Baraga’s artifacts and treasures so that they could share all of these amazing things with people like you! 

The Baraga House is now known as the Baraga Educational Center and Museum. It is a place to visit, to pray, to draw near to Baraga himself. 

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The Artifacts Inside

One of our favorite artifacts is Bishop Baraga’s Chalice. It’s not nearly as big as a normal chalice. That is because Baraga traveled a lot- so it had to be small enough to fit inside his pockets. We know that he took good care of his things. This Chalice is older than you, or us, or your grandparents or great grand parents even!!! It has been to many places and been held by many hands and doesn’t have a lot of scratches or dents. 

Words from the Ojibway Dictionary written by Bishop Baraga

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