Spring Study Day 2023

Spring Study Day was held on March 30, 2023 at St. Peter Cathedral. The focus was on Bishop Frederic Baraga: from “Snowshoe Priest” to appointment as the First Bishop of the Diocese of Marquette and The Eucharistic Revival. Speakers included Fr. Maurice Henry Sand, Executive Director for the Black and Indian Mission Office in Washington, DC. and our very own Executive Director, Lenora McKeen discussing the impact Bishop Baraga has had.

Fr. Maurice Henry Sands offers a personal reflection on Bishop Baraga and Native Americans in Michigan

Fr. Maurice Henry Sands speaks on the gift, mystery, and reality of Jesus in the Eucharist at Spring Study Day

Our Executive Director, Lenora McKeen speaking on Venerable Bishop Frederic Baraga and his call to holiness

Fr. Ryan Ford speaks on the history of the Eucharistic Congress movement and how the Diocese of Marquette’s upcoming Diocesan Eucharistic Congress fits into this history at Spring Study Day held on March 30, 2023

Photo of Joseph Gregorich, BBA foudner

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